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Three progression models to sky rocket your strength

Beginner – double progression

Intermediate – linear + deload

Advanced – linear + deload + exercise changes.


If youre a beginner we will be using double progression, here is what double progression would look like for someone lifting 80kg in the 6-8 rep range

Week 1 80kg- 3x6reps

Week 2 80kg- 3x7reps

Week 3 80kg- 3x8reps

Week 4 82.5kg- 3x6reps

So, every workout youre trying to add a rep, once you can hit all sets at the top of the rep range you add a little weight and start back at the bottom of the rep range for all sets.

Now this will most likely not progress as smoothly as listed above, don’t worry! The aim to add at least one rep to one of the sets every workout until you can reach the top of the rep range for all sets.


Once you’re past the beginner stage it becomes harder and harder to progress using double progression. This is where you will start to periodise your sessions. Every fourth week you will now be taking a deload on the main movement patterns. The reps will also change, and you’ll be adding weight each session (other than the deload week) Here is an example of an eight-week progression for someone lifting 80kg in the 6-8 rep range.

Week 1 80kg – 3x8reps

Week 2 82.5kg – 3x7reps

Week 3 85kg – 3x6reps

Week 4 80kg – 3x6reps (Deload week)

Week 5 82.5kg – 3x8reps

Week 6 85kg – 3x7reps

Week 7 87.5kg – 3x6reps

Week 8 82.5kg – 3x6reps (Deload week)

As you can see, we are adding a little bit of weight each session and dropping a rep to compensate. Then every fourth week we drop the weight back to the weight of the first session and perform two less reps.


For the advanced method we will be using the same progression as the intermediate, but we will be swapping out exercises every four to eight weeks.

Exercise swaps shouldn’t be too drastic, here is an example for squats. Eight weeks of front squats followed by eight weeks of back squats.

Or four weeks incline barbell followed by four weeks of incline dumbbell.

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