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Strength training for general population and sports performance

Personal trainer Lincoln

Picture of James Abel

Whether your goal is muscle gain, fat loss or sports performance, strength training is a fun and effective way to achieve your goals!


Learn to become the strongest version of yourself for improved performance in life/sports and build a body you're proud of along the way.

Find the right option for you

Personal training delivered in person where you have me as your coach taking you through your session. I will write up customised programmes based on your goals, rotate them whenever you need and ensure you're pushing yourself week on week.

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Personal training delivered online where you have me as your coach on hand everyday over what's app. I will write up customised programmes based on your goals and send/rotate them whenever you need.

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“Over the last 12 weeks I've progressed more than I had in the last 12 months - Ive added 20% to my lifts and gained 1.2kg of muscle"

"I set out with the objectives of gaining confidence in the gym, developing overall strength and receiving dietary advice. James was able to capture and translate these into results"

"This journey is continuing to help me with my mental heath, improve my self-talk and get stronger along the way. we have a good laugh, and I'm enjoying exercise more than I ever have!"

"Ive made more progress and changes to reverse a lifetime of bad posture and poor technique"

"I have noticed my core strength has rocketed, my flexibility has increased and aches/pains from work have improved tremendously thanks to his plan"

"To date I have gained 8.5kg of muscle and lost 1kg of fat, and doubled my personal best lifts on squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press"

"A session with James is not your usual PT session of punishment and exercises that you end up hating"

"James personalises each session so you can achieve more and leave the gym feeling empowered and inspired to do more"

" I recommend James for anyone that is looking for consistency, patience, and dedication in a coach"

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